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News Tutor teaches news consumers to pinpoint the sometimes-subtle differences between quality and careless journalism. We create videos and mobile apps to help students and others become more discerning when it comes to news and other information sources. Our News Tutor app for the iPhone, has just been released. We also recently released the full version of our News Tutor app for the iPad. Please sign up in our "Stay in Touch" box. We'll share occasional email updates.

The News Tutor apps:

  • Can be found by searching "News Tutor" on the App Store. Or jump there directly using the above hyperlinks.
  • Include four stages in which users step into the shoes of the journalist, making decisions related to reliable and fair reporting.
  • Are useful for the general public but designed with teachers, professors and parents of those 12 and older in mind.

We create mobile apps and videos to help students and others become more discerning news viewers. If you'd like to know about upcoming projects, please enter your email address here for occasional updates. Consider donating below to support our work. Our Facebook and Twitter buttons are to the left.

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