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We do not collect email addresses through our mobile applications. The email form at the end of the News Tutor app is designed to allow you to share your score with a teacher, professor or friend. You do not need to enter your own email address to use this form (a first name is fine, in fact). And we do not collect the email addresses of those to whom you send your score. If you do want to receive information from us, please fill out the form on our main page.

Who created this? 

News Tutor is the creation of Colleen Bradford Krantz, journalist, author and documentary filmmaker. Colleen, who spent a decade reporting for newspapers, used to argue that much of the public’s claims of bias were exaggerated or tied to misunderstanding of the media. While she is convinced that the number of careful journalists outnumbers the careless ones, she also now sees more news sources allowing their reports to include a mixture of news and opinion without labeling the work as commentary. The inclusion of opinion can be as subtle as the choice of loaded words during narration. It’s not always easy to pinpoint. That’s where Skewed News Tutor comes in. The startup, which Colleen began in November 2012, creates videos and the News Tutor mobile apps to help students and others improve their ability to filter information. Learn more about Colleen at Colleen Bradford Krantz. Contact her by email at Colleen[at]SkewTutor[dot]com. Media may call 641-425-3596.

Becky Waller Bausman is Chief Strategy Officer for Skewed News Tutor. A former lifestyle and business magazine writer and editor, Becky brings to Skewed News Tutor a fifteen-year career in marketing and business strategy leadership.  As Chief Strategy Officer she leads development of go-to-market and positioning strategy, and contributes to development of product and business planning.  In addition, Becky works as an independent marketing and business strategy consultant based in Silicon Valley. In that role, she counsels executive leadership in technology companies of all sizes on how to best bring their innovations to market. She has held previous roles leading product and field marketing strategies for ecommerce software and enterprise B2B professional services firms.  Becky lives in the San Francisco Bay Area; she holds a B.A. in journalism from Iowa State University and an MBA in finance and consulting from the Carlson School of Management at the University of Minnesota.

Teacher Edward Moody agreed to join News Tutor as educational advisor so he could help teach students to be good consumers of information. Edward teaches middle school students in the Des Moines School District’s Cowles Montessori School. He currently teaches all six subjects to the school’s seventh and eighth graders. This position gives him the freedom to teach kids to think and not just prep them for standardized testing.  Along the way, the former member of the U.S. Air Force teaches his students real–world thinking skills and trigonometry just for fun.  Edward completed his master’s degree in Effective Teaching, Learning, and Educational Leadership at Drake University in Des Moines. He earned his bachelor’s degree at Arizona State University.

QA Graphics programmed and designed the News Tutor apps for News Tutor.

Edward Moody and Becky Waller Bausman were consulted on the project. Additional consultation provided by Terry Coyle, Kajsa E. Dalrymple and Sally Thorson. A huge thanks to this wonderful team.

Special thanks to:

Brad Argo, Becky Baack, Wisconsin Historical Society and Huggins Consulting Group.

Why build this?

Our hope is that our mobile apps will help viewers/readers to learn to pinpoint exactly why a report might feel slanted. And we hope it gives them the information to calmly explain those specific concerns to a news source. The good ones will listen. We also want them to appreciate high-quality reporting when they see it and become dedicated followers of those particular journalists. Please share this with older children and their social studies teachers or professors so they might better understand how to be discerning news consumers.

What’s next?

Please share suggestions on improving News Tutor apps by emailing Colleen(at)NewsTutor(dot)us. We would love to hear your great ideas. Watch for information about other News Tutor apps that we are planning. And please consider donating with the below button to help support our efforts. We’ve not only poured our hearts into this project, but also our money. At the very least, please consider telling your favorite news junkie, teacher (middle school and up recommended), professor or kid about this app.

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