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We recently released our News Tutor mobile applications for use on iPads, iPhones and iPods. News Tutor allows you to assume the role of a reporter as you make decisions related to creating accurate and fair journalism. Learn to pinpoint the sometimes-subtle differences between quality news reports and careless ones. Below you’ll also find links to the apps, as well as our first video “Skew Set.” The set include our attempt at a “centered” video, and two deliberately skewed versions (each roughly 6 to 7 minutes) on the same topic. The skewed versions are examples of shabby journalism. Our goal: To illustrate how much the walk-away message can change by adjusting lighting, music, camera angle, or what is included or eliminated from the original interviews. A reporter’s narration can also skew a story significantly.

The following are our recent projects:

1) News Tutor app for iPad News Tutor App bronze horizon
2) News Tutor app for iPhone/iPod News Tutor Mobile App bronze horizon
 3A) Livestock Housing Set Video – With “Pop-Up” Cues  SkewTutor_AnimalHousingSet_PopUps  gold
3B) Livestock Housing Set Video – Without Cues  SkewTutor_AnimalHousingSet_woHelp  gold

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